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Let’s create an awesome website, backed by psychological science, that you can update yourself. Even on the go.

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 One of the most common questions that clients ask me is “can I maintain the website myself after it’s done?” And my answer to this is YES!

Some designers use programs that make it nearly impossible for you to update or make changes to your site, and instead you have to pay the designer to do it for you. I am so happy to update your site for you, but I also want to enable you to take full control!

I use Squarespace to design your website. I use a theme, which I fully customise for you, and then I transfer ownership straight to you. That way you can make changes to your site using your computer, iPad, or even your mobile phone!

Ready to get started?

Hi, I’m Jess!

I am a qualified graphic designer & clinical psychologist. I am genuinely passionate about creating, and I would really like to create something fantastic with you.

When you work with me we will ensure you feel comfortable and at ease. Getting your brand looking amazing should be something you enjoy, and a job that makes you smile! Even the dreaded photo shoot should be fun!

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