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About Plush Design Studio in Coffs Harbour

Plush Design Studio is a graphic design studio based in Coffs Harbour, offering high quality, customised designs, for your business.

I created Plush Design Studio in order to provide professional and beautiful work for people in Coffs Harbour and abroad. With the aim to not only make your business stand out, but also to help you create cohesive branding elements. And of course to design something that you are completely happy with! It is essential that you have a wonderful experience because not only does that make us both feel good, it also makes good business sense!

Plush Design Studio provides all types of graphic design including logo design, website design, photography, brochures, business cards and more. We work together to make sure your finished product is exactly what you want.

Jess Watters - About Me

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I created Plush Design Studio after completing my diploma in graphic design. I was originally trained as a clinical psychologist (I have masters degree in clinical psychology from UNE). Although psychology is truly fascinating, and I get to work with some very lovely people, I realised some time ago that this profession was is not my passion.

I was always creative as a child. I would create lettering and signs, work on mock up magazines with my sister, draw patterns and flowers, and write short stories.

And now I want to create for you. I am passionate about beautiful designs, that are also backed by psychological theory, to get the best for your business.

10 quick facts about me:

1. I really enjoy Harry Potter. A lot. 

2. I drink 2 - 3 coffees a day. Yum. 

3. I enjoy minimal photography very much.

4. I think palm trees are super cool.

6. I was raised in Bellingen from 3 years old.

6. Every plant I’ve ever owned has died :( 

7. I have seen Jurassic Park about 30 times.

8. I design all my own tattoos.

9. I really enjoy the colour pink. Can you tell?

10. I'm an Aries.

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