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A Coffs Harbour Graphic Design Studio

A Coffs Harbour Graphic Design Studio

Providing beautiful and professional designs for your business.

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Plush Design Studio is a graphic design studio specialising in logo design, website design & development, business assets and photography. Based in Coffs Harbour, Plush Design Studio services local businesses as well as businesses across Australia and the rest of the world.

Plush Design Studio focusses on providing professional and unique services that reflect the nature of your business. We want to help you to create a cohesive and beautiful brand that will make your business stand out from the crowd.


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Hello. I’m Jess, the owner of Plush Design Studio. I am a qualified graphic designer & clinical psychologist. I am genuinely passionate about creating. And I would like to create something fantastic with you.

I want you to feel confident, comfortable and at ease when you work with me. When I take photos for clients - an experience that can be nerve wracking - they usually say “that was actually fun” or “that really felt so relaxed”. And that is so important because it captures beautiful moments and makes the experience enjoyable for you.

When we build your website, or create your logo, it’s important that you’re comfortable to ask any question, or express any idea, because that is how we create something you are totally happy with.

That is why working with me, a trained designer & psychologist, gives you the advantage. Because I really get you, and your customers. Ready to get started? Just click here to get in touch.


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